Childproof Outlets

Update your home today to keep your children safe !

What are childproof outlets?

Childproof outlets (Tamper Resistant Outlets) appear identical to standard receptacle in your home and can come in any style you prefer, they simply have a spring-loaded receptacle cover plate that is situated within the receptacle that covers the metal contacts, preventing insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied to the receptacle’s contact points.

Fortunately for parents, this is an inexpensive add on to keep your children safe!

TR receptacles are practically the same price then the traditional receptacles.

Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) thought it was really important to reduce the risk of burns and electrical shock for children since the yearly percentage was shockingly too elevated. They decided to make these TR receptacles mandatory in new homes since 2008. 

To be installed in:

  • Games Room

  • Basement 

  • Bed rooms

  • Dining room 

  • Living Room

  • Hallways

  • Guest Room

Update your home today to avoid electrical shock and prevent burns in order to keep your family safe!