Ceiling Fans

Too heavy and awkward to install?
Let the professionals handle it!

Fans can be very efficient during summer as well as winter.

Do you want to save energy and increase comfort in summer?

Optimize comfort during summer by setting the fan in reverse to circulate and raise all the cold air up, since the hot air rises naturally. 

Optimize comfort during winter by having the fan circulate the air and bring all the hot air down!

By utilizing your fan year-round, you will be optimizing your cost and efficiency of your furnace.

There are many benefits from installing a ceiling fan in your home but they can be very inconvenient and heavy to install especially in awkward areas!

Yes, very heavy! At Ottawa Electric, we will reinforce the junction box to make sure that your fan stays on your ceiling!

  • Control your fan and your light separately.

  • Unbalanced Fan. 

  • New installations.

  • Removal of old fan. 

Avoid stressing your back and lifting this big awkward new fan of yours!

Contact Ottawa Electric to install your new ceiling fan today!